Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Beautiful Gite in France

This is my parents Gite in rural france, it is surrounded with lovely landscapes and the chateaux in Boussac is beautiful St Pierre La Bost is a lovely base for travelling around france and is within a 2-3 hour drive from Carcusson if any one has read the Da Vinci Code this is the place that was mentioned in the book. St Pierre La Bost is approx 1hr 30mins drive from Limoge Airport so transport is an amust if you want to take in the beauty of France. My parents moved to france about 3 years ago and have beautifully refurbished this house and updated the Gite to accomodate a disabled person

Please take a look at the link and if you have any queries please contact me via email

thanks for looking


  1. Hi Tracy
    We have been to this gite, it's lovely and well worth the visit. I believe it is run by an elderly excentric couple, do you know them!!!
    As a result of staying at the gite we have made a real friendship with Mike and Lil; some of the most geniune people we have met for a long time. In fact there is Mike and Lil and Jeanette and Ken (in france as well) who are at the top of our French friends list, if we had a list! (if anyone is considering going to the centre of France I do highly recommend their Gite. (if you need to bribe Lil, Frys Turkish Delight will certainly help!)

  2. as one of the eccentic couple , i must point out that you forgot to mention cream eggs and my bacon butties

  3. Colin & beryl6 May 2009 at 18:29

    I know who you are "anonymous" you can't hide from me. Never mind your bacon butties - what about my mussels and chips? Well done Tracy, we will no doubt be seeing you sometime. Colin & Beryl

  4. Steven, Simon and Mark19 August 2009 at 15:25

    Oh no!, We have just escaped camp Lil for the second time!
    Really ghood to see you this year and hope to return again next year to see you all. Creme Eggs and Bacon already on order!